Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two people who help me make this work... work.

Yesterday, while painting in the studio, I felt a substantial amount of gratitude for two people here in town: Kevin Head, and Stand Rath.

Kevin Head is the master mind behind Kroma Artists Acrylics, down in The Net Loft, on Granville Island. Although I work in oils, I rely heavily on Kroma's high quality gesso and Escoda brushes from Spain. Not to mention the dose of positive calm that Kevin manages to dish out every time I see him. http://www.kromaacrylics.com/sitemap.html

Stan Rath is another person I depend on. Stan builds all my stretchers, and provides me with Holbein and Kama pigments. As well as any sketch books, pens or introductions to Lawrence Paul Yuxweluptun (!)

Spending long hours in the studio offers little opportunity for social interaction. I value these two people. Not only for the essentials they provide, but for their dedication and love of art, kindness and generosity of spirit they share.

Thanks Kevin.
Thanks Stan.

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