Monday, July 5, 2010

painting cross eyed at 4am...

Everything has been flying along smoothly in the studio these days (and nights) as I've been preparing for an upcoming show at the Bau-Xi Gallery here in Vancouver (opens August 7th, 2-4pm).

The show is going to be a big one. Lots of large paintings. Lots of paintings, period. My studio is crammed full of canvases and I'm running short on space for things to dry.

These days, I'm up at 3:45am, in the studio and painting shortly after 4, back home between 7 and 9am, then in the studio again in the late afternoon until I can't see straight anymore. This new schedule (as of July 1st), is to accommodate my partner in crime as his new whippet puppy has arrived.

*Three weeks until delivery.*

Riko prefers me to deliver the work two weeks before the show opens, as she likes to allow time for a special interest list of collectors to be able to view the pieces before they hang. But, well, I might hang on to some of the work a little longer... Seems harder and harder to let work go these past couple years. I could never breed dogs and let puppies go, like Emily Carr did.

Everything is wet and continually getting wetter. This, by far, is the most stressful time in a show's life, yet somehow this puppy (who's name is 'Easy') with some kind of magical surgical precision, seems to have very cleanly inserted me into the very quiet center of what feels like a large swirling tornado...

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