Friday, July 15, 2011

Earth, Wind, Bone

I received an email the other day, asking which I would prefer, to be credited as "Painting Consultant" or "Painting Mentor." I didn't think much of it and quickly replied "whichever you like."

It didn't occur to me until much later while painting in the studio what, exactly, I was being credited for.

Earth, Wind, Bone is a yet to be released NFB film on Georgia Okeefe, Emily Carr & Frida Kahlo, created, written and directed by Jill Sharpe.

Being credited as a mentor in painting which helped to inform this film is not something I'm overly comfortable with. I'm very grateful to Okeefe, Carr & Kahlo for their monumental contribution to the field of painting, and of their influences on my studies in learning this craft. I'm also grateful to Jill Sharpe for her keen interest in painting and for illuminating these three so beautifully in this film.

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